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Here are some common questions about our wedding planning, event planning, and other services.

Is there an initial deposit?

Yes. 25% of the given quote will be used as an upfront deposit to secure your booking. This amount will be put towards the final payment which will be due on the day of the event, prior to setting up.

Are there any cancellation fees?

If you cancel ahead by 1 week, there will be no fee and the initial deposit will be returned. However, if you cancel under one week's notice the deposit will not be returned.

Is there an extra fee for delivery, setting up, and taking down the backdrop?

After contacting us about a quote, the quote given will include delivery, setting up, and taking down the backdrop at no extra charge.

How long can we keep, the backdrop for?

You would be able to keep it for the duration of your event. Arrangements will be made to pick them up.

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